Charles Rogers

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Hello, Neighbor! Welcome to my newly updated Mobile First web site. The navigation bar at the top of this page contains links to various offerings. I have paperbacks and e-books for sale, essays you can read now, photographs, videos, and more.

Before you click on the Paper Books link, please note that this takes you to an Amazon page which is not Mobile First. Who's gonna fuss with Amazon? You can cope, but just be aware . . .

If you are really into using your mobile device, you probably don't need a paper book. Click on the e-books link. SmashWords is Mobile First! My books are published earlier on SmashWords and they cost less in e-book format. After you purchase a book from SmashWords, you can download it multiple times to replace lost or damaged files or simply to put a copy on on another device. Learn to love e-books! Save Trees!

Visit often. I'll be working on the rest of the site to see how Mobile First it can be made. The poems and essays will be next up for re-design. The photo albums are best viewed from a desk- or laptop computer with a proper large screen. They were designed with CopperMine tools that were quite advanced in their day. They will probably remain as they are.


This website is part blog, part journal, and part advertising for the books I sell. It is also one way I keep busy by exercising programming and design skills. If you would like to comment about something in here, I welcome all opinions. I'm especially interested in problems you may encounter with viewing or accessing the website or following links. My address is the first six letters in the domain name plus the general topography at sign, plus the mail server that is the following two words but without the space: opposite-of-cold mail. Then the familiar dot com. If you can construct my valid e-mail address from the preceding, you are either a human being or else a moderately clever robot. In either case, I'd like to hear from you!

Many thanks to my brilliant son-in-law Doug M. for the suggestion that I look into Bootstrap for "Mobile First" web site design tools.