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The Photos link above requires a login id and password. The id is what we all are to one another. The password is Maxine's middle name.

New Items posted!

Two wonderful recipes have been added. They are Breaded Tomatoes. and Turkey Carcass Soup. Both are serious comfort food loved by everyone.


This web site is part blog, part journal, and part advertising for the books I sell. It is also one way I exercise programming and design skills. If you would like to comment about something in here, I welcome all opinions. I'm especially interested in problems you may encounter with viewing or accessing the website or following links. My address is the first six letters in the domain name plus the general topography at sign, plus the mail server that is the following two words but without the space: opposite-of-cold mail. Then the familiar dot com. If you can construct my valid e-mail address from the preceding, you are either a human being or else a moderately clever robot. In either case, I'd like to hear from you!

Many thanks to my brilliant son-in-law Doug M. for the suggestion that I look into "Mobile First" web design tools.